Basic Volume Cycle 11


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1 Decasus-300mg (10ml vial).

1 Sustanon 350mg. (10 ml vial).

1 Oral Dianabol 25 mg (Bottle with 60 tabs of 25 mg)

1 Application Program.

1 Diet


For beginners to anabolic steroid use, this starter cycle of 3 steroids, while simple, will by no means be weak and will work better than cycles 1 through 10. It involves oral Dianabol as the kickoff to the cycle, allowing gains to be made. fast from the first week of the cycle, while Decadurabolin and Testosterone have a slower action due to the characteristics of the two steroids involved and will require at least 8 weeks to notice their effects. Only 4 items will be required in this cycle; 3 anabolic steroids and 1 SERM. Of these 4 elements, two will be essential, testosterone and SERM, while Dianabol and Nandrolone Decanoate, better known as Decadurabolin, are optional. This is a 10-week plan followed by a 4-week post cycle recovery with the total 16-week intake plan and is as follows:

This cycle is fundamentally based on Sustanon-350, a mixture of 4 Testosterone esters, with a half-life of 3 weeks, for which it is recommended to inject only 1 ml in a weekly application equivalent to 350 mg of testosterone: It is added to the I cycle the Decadurabolin-300 at a dose of 300 mg per week for the 10 weeks of the cycle, equivalent to 1 ml. The 25 mg oral Dianabol will be taken at a rate of 3 daily tablets, one every 8 hours, given that the half-life of this steroid is 6-8 hours, this will allow maintaining a more stable dose in the body and taking Preferably with food.Testosterone and Decadurabolin can be applied together, so as not to have to duplicate the injection, just take one milliliter of each substance in the same 3 ml syringe for example and inject it. Both substances are prepared in a pharmaceutical grade oil base, being the vehicle in which it enters your body, being applied intramuscularly. This cycle will allow you to gain about 6-8 kg of muscle mass with a proper diet. The half-lives of Decadurabolin and Sustanon allow only one injection per week to be necessary and avoid the inconvenience of injecting too often.


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